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Published by David Moss

Ever since a young age I have always been fascinated with both the First and Second World Wars. It started during evacuee week in primary school where i took my late grandparents evacuation documents in for show and tell and when asked about the personal story behind these documents i felt rather guilty as i didn't anything about them. At the tender age of 7 i was aware that the generation that had lived through something terrifyingly unique was disappearing. I aim to use this site to get the personal stories from the Second World War that would otherwise have been forgotten to another distant generation some 75 years after the conflict ended. I am a proud father of a 13 month old daughter Elsie and equally proud step father for my 10 year old daughter Ruby, Ruby who is in her last year of primary school knows of the two world wars with very little enthusiasm to know more at them moment. By the time Elsie is Ruby's age it is very likely that the Second World War will have passed beyond living memory as the First is now for me, and i hope that when that time comes this site can be used as a gateway to the past with first hand accounts from those who lived through it.

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